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About Sterlen Barr "No Puff Daddy"

Sterlen Barr is the CEO of Rapping About Prevention, Inc. As a health educator and motivational rap artist, he educates, inspires, motivates and encourages youth to make healthy choices. Sterlen has worked in the area of Public Health for over 20 years providing positive alternatives for youth and adults. Sterlen has done thousands of classroom presentations, assemblies, peer education training, and workshops for school age children locally and nationally. His topics includes exercise and nutrition, drugs and alcohol, violence and bullying prevention and STD/HIV prevention just to name a few. Sterlen has received a letter from the White House in 2011 acknowledging his efforts to combat childhood obesity across the state of Pennsylvania. Sterlen's programs are done in a fun, creative and innovative way that delivers a high-energy presentation using facts, humor, personal experience, audience participation, and a live rap and dance performance.

Sterlen’s exercise and nutrition program entitled “Fun Food and Fitness” receives countless numbers of appreciation letters from teachers, school officials and principals each year expressing how much his assembly program has not only inspired their children, but teachers and staff alike. Sterlen believes that exercise and good nutrition is a lifestyle, and as a national, as well as golden glove boxing champion, he continues to demonstrate it while making it fun. Each year, he has to turn down several schools because of his limited contracted amounts and his growing number of requests. However, Sterlen exceeds his exercise and nutrition program contract each year by 5 to 10 schools because of the overwhelming request for the program and his continuous love for making a difference.

Sterlen is the President of Prince Hall Alumni Foundation where he volunteers his time helping make a difference in the lives of the students at Prince Hall Elementary School. He recently received a Kaboom grant to build a playground near Prince Hall Elementary School. Sterlen is currently helping to not only mobilize the community to help build a playground, but raise the matching funds as well. This playground will be in an area that is in close proximity to three schools: Prince Hall Elementary School, Pennell Elementary and Wagner Middle School. This is just another way Sterlen continues his efforts to decrease childhood obesity while improving and uplifting a community.

Sterlen has worked with the Health Promotion Council of Southeastern PA Inc. (HPC) for over 18 years in their tobacco control division where he has helped get a smoke-free ordinance passed in Philadelphia. He has also helped with enforcing the sale of tobacco to minor laws and provided tobacco education outreach and advocacy to store owners, clerks, public officials, youth and adults. Sterlen has provided and facilitated smoking cessation programs for youth and adults in Philadelphia and Chester PA where he has had a 45% quit rate amongst middle school students. He has produced two public service announcements to prevent the use of tobacco by kids in the State of New Jersey with the Atlantic City Youth Police Explorers. Sterlen has also produced two public service announcements to stop the sale and prevent the addiction of tobacco to kids. One on his public service announcements ran throughout Pennsylvania with Pennsylvania's former Governor Tom Ridge and the other one ran nationwide.

Sterlen started writing health raps as a way to motivate at-risk high school students in the Philadelphia Public Schools. Since then, his reputation has spread widely; with many requests coming for him to perform at schools, youth programs, and conferences throughout the Delaware Valley region, as well as nationally. In 1992, Sterlen produced a rap video and audiocassette tape (I've Got A Story To Tell So Listen Up), which targets high-risk African-American teens. His tape includes raps about smoking, drinking and driving, high blood pressure, nutrition & dealing with hard times. Sterlen has produced an Anti-Tobacco Rap CD entitled "Unfiltered Facts." He has more recently produced and starred in 3 educational videos that target youth and black men addressing issues such as exercise, nutrition, hypertension, strokes, prostate cancer and diabetes. Sterlen has produced two songs, Safer Sex and Hard Times for a STD/HIV video being shown in Health Centers throughout Philadelphia. He has also produced two videos on exercise and nutrition entitled “Fun Food and Fitness” to combat childhood obesity.

Sterlen continues to work as a mentor and role model for our youth and adults. His goal is to positively influence the lives of our youth who make up 26% of our population and 100% of our future.

When Sterlen is not out positively motivating and encouraging both children and adults, he is usually home enjoying family time with his 3 children. They often spend time together going to games, amusement parks, mini-golfing, and many other exciting family activities. Sterlen's family members communicate often and freely about big and little things. They see him as an inspiration and a role model of how to be a positive person and acheive your goals!