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All Downloads are 1 minute excerpts.
Windows Media
Track 1-INTRO (O:48)
Track 2-THE TRUTH (3:39)
Track 3-MISSING YOU (3:19)
Track 4-KNOWLEDGE (3:19)
Track 5-KILLING ME SLOWLY (4:19)
Track 6-MANIPULATED (3:10)
Track 7-ASHTRAY MOMMA (2:52)
Track 8-DON'T EVER START (2:38)
Track 9-IT'S NOT WORTH IT (2:20)
Track 10-YOU CAN DO IT (2:47)
Track 12-SMOKING KILLS (2:47)
Track 13-I CAN'T BREATH (2:31)
Track 14-CHECK THIS OUT (4:32)
Track 15-UNFILTERED FACTS (2:18)
Track 16-SMOKE FREE (2:16)

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