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Sterlen Barr's Anti-Tobacco Presentation

Goal: Students will: (1) learn basic facts about tobacco use in the United States and how smoking affects youth and adults; (2) learn how and why the tobacco industry purposely target's youth through advertising and promotion; (3) learn how to resist the pressure of smoking; (4) learn the truth (unfiltered) about tobacco manipulation.

Objectives: By the end of the presentation, youth will be able to: (1) Understand why they are targeted by the tobacco industry; (2) Identify 5 reasons why young people start smoking; (3) List 3 reasons why choosing not to smoke is a positive choice; (4) Figure out how much money an average smoker spends yearly on cigarettes and then name 3 things that they could buy with that money instead of cigarettes; (5) Recite the amount of money that the tobacco industry spends yearly on advertising and promotion trying to get young people to start smoking; (6) Name the three most heavily advertised brands of cigarettes and the reasons why youth choose those brands; (7) Identify some of the deadly chemicals found in cigarette smoke. (8) Understand the potential danger of exposure to secondhand smoke.

Format for 1 hour presentations

(3 minutes) A live rap performance about how the Tobacco Industry targets and manipulates youth.

(2 minutes) Information about Sterlen's involvement in tobacco education.

(10 minutes) Discussion questions with the audience to find out their knowledge about tobacco.
1. How many students have family memebers and friends who smoke cigarettes?
2. Why do people start smoking cigarettes?
3. How can youth make a difference in tobacco control?
After th discussion, Sterlen shares a few personal stories of family members and friends who smoked cigarettes and how it affected their lives.

(25 minutes) Presenting information focusing on youth tobacco use, advertising and promotion, chemicals found in cigarette smoke, the benefits of quitting smoking, the health effects of smoking, and the reasons youth smoke. Presentation includes facts, personal stories, humor, audience participation, and original raps. The presentation is also interactive and includes student input as much as possible to promote learning.

(15 minutes) A live rap performance that includes music, audience participation and selections from my Anti-Tobacco rap CD entitled "Unfiltered Facts.

(5 minutes) Encourage students to not only become Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT) members, but to take a pledge to stay drug and alcohol free by reciting motivational affirmations.

Here are some quotes from people who watched him perform:

"The joint was definitely jumping, and that was magic wrought entirely by you."-Bonnie B. O'Connor, PhD, Assistant Professor.

"My only disappointment was that we weren't able to pack the auditorium. You were even better than absolutely wonderful."- Frank Bernt, PhD, Assistant Professor

"Sterlen did in one hour reaching these kids, what it takes us in a year."- Teachers at Chowan Middle School

"As I listened to your message and watched your interaction with the children, it was clear that you indeed were making an important difference in their lives."- John F. Domzalski, Health Commissioner

"Your talent and enthusiasm were vital in delivering the "no-use" message to the citizens of Pennsylvania."- Tom Ridge, Former Governor

"I've been working at this school for 8 years and this is the first time I've ever seen anyone keep these student's attention for a whole hour!"- Custodian at Roosevelt High School

I am now available to come and educate your youth about tobacco, my way. Hope to hear from you soon.


Sterlen Barr

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