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Fun Food & Fitness

Sterlen skipping rope

Fun, Food & Fitness promotes physical activity and healthy food choices with an engaging, high-energy, interactive presentation!




Dancer doing a hand stand

Kids are encouraged to increase their physical activity and decrease their screen-time. They are shown that the possibilities for physical activities are endless!




Dancer Spinning around on one hand

Fun, Food & Fitness encourages kids to consume the vitamins and minerals their bodies need by eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetable and baked/broiled lean meats and fish. They are encouraged to eat less unhealthy foods like hot dogs, hamburgers, pretzels, cookies, chips and high-sugar cereals.

Kids are shown the benefits of drinking more water and less soda. Kids, in turn, learn to think differently about food!

Fun, Food & Fitness is educational and entertaining! It helps kids to achieve their full potential, and to perform their best in the classroom, at home or in any extra-curricular activity.

Workbooks for Fun, Food & Fitness, exercise and nutrition program, are available for grades K-12.