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Letter From:
Thurgood Marshall Elementary



Sterlen- You and your crew put on such a high energy, informative, exciting, talent loaded, personal, lots of audience involvement and participation Show, that I am still coming down from the HIGH Adrenaline levels from my watching both of them today at Thurgood Marshall Elementary School in the Olney Section of North Philadelphia. Your DJ, to your three outstanding professional hip hop dancers and all of your commentary and Rap while walking around the audience, throwing in jokes to faculty and students was immensely successful in keeping the students engaged and thinking about how they should not be bullying each other. Bringing children up to sing, box, and dance gave the students hope for their futures. Peace and Love filled our auditorium. Nobody wanted you to leave!

Thank you so much for the CD's. I used them already, and I am awaiting the other two udated ones. There was plenty of material for both lower and upper grade classes this afternoon to dance and sing to. You are an expert at what you and your crew do. God Bless all of you for giving so much to help make a huge difference in our Student's lives. The Students and all of the faculty who had the good fortune of seeing you are much better off having seen your program! Thank you again, and we look forward to seeing you next year!

Sincerely yours,
Ben Brenner
Music Teacher