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Letter From:
Smith Middle School


To Becky, Sterlen and NRG Powered by choice,

Our Smith Middle School is still rocking and talking about the most wonderful assembly we had yesterday. The message that Becky presented was done very professionally and so in tune with how the middle school mind works. Her knowledge of the program was the foundation that was then reinforced with the performers of "Sterlen". The performance with Sterlen was definitely the best approach in delivering the message on nutrition and physical activity. They had every students attention through every moment. Already, the staff is discussing ways to host their group again. Thank you all for this amazing assembly. My students are excited and the surveys presented today for the cafeteria is obtaining some excellent ideas for changes to be made in their lives. Becky is right in saying that Sterlen's enthusiasm and passion for health and empowering teens is really contagious.

Thank you all again!

Sue Myers
School Nurse
NRG advisor
Smith Middle School

P. S. Below are some other staff comments that I have received.

The assembly was one of the best we have had. Kids were talking about it on the way up. I saw some of the kids later yesterday, and they were still talking about it. They presented this great message in a way that related on their level. It was a great combination of talking and interactive activities. They summarized throughout which was great as well which fits right into what we do as teachers.

Would definitely love to have them back!

Jennifer McDowell
Grade 7 Math

My homeroom really loved it. There were comments about the positive message of the assembly, but also about enjoying the diversity in the program. One thing mentioned in our discussions about the cafeteria is that they feel they have to eat too fast. I know a lot of people think its because they waste their time, but when you throw down your food, you eat more of it, and you dont taste it.Just my thoughts.

Emily Ritholz
Reading Specialist

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