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About Automatic

Rapping About Prevention is beyond fortunate to have a very passionate, multi-talented and motivated second speaker named Demetrius Horton, also known as Automatic. Demetrius started his career with Rapping About Prevention in 2004. As a dancer, he quickly moved up through the ranks to Program Director then onto speaker. Prior to Rapping About Prevention, he had a long career facilitating workshops on exercise and dance, performed in many music videos and concerts with rap artists, made it to the final round of Step Up 3D, and was one of the leads in Philly Nut Crak-Up in 2012 and 2013 to several sold out shows.

To no one’s surprise, Demetrius has received high marks the very first year as a Rapping About Prevention presenter. Demetrius has an infectious personality, is truly genuine in his love for children, and his selfless acts of kindness, such as giving away his watches, have not been overlooked by the thousands of kids that he influences. Demetrius’ goal is to teach and inspire youth to make positive choices and to bring out the good in people in the communities he serves.