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Rapping About Prevention's "Fun, Food and Fitness" programs are currently in over 200 venues. The successful program is rapidly moving into new territories!

American Kidney Fund Teams Up with Rapping About Prevention!

On April 24, 2015, American Kidney Fund partnered with Rapping About Prevention to educate and capture audiences attention! Hundreds of Philadelphians attended the successful "Kidney Action Day" event where they learned about their risks for kidney disease and received free health screenings. Watch a video of RAP performing live with the Sixers mascot Franklin! (RAP starts at 1:12 of video)

Students, Teachers, Parents - What Can You Do?

Believe the HYPE (Healthy You, Positive Energy)! Sterlen Barr and his Rapping About Prevention crew have been an integral part of HYPE and you can be too. Check out the video below that includes RAP and the students getting "HYPE-d."

Be the HYPE! Play a part in supporting healthy changes in your school and in your community.

STUDENTS: Talk to your teacher about forming a Youth Wellness Council at your school.

TEACHERS: Have a conversation with your school’s principal about starting a Youth Wellness Council.

PARENTS: You can often be the strongest voice for healthy school change. Contacting your school's principal is a good place to start. Try to support your children's efforts to eat well and be active on a daily basis.